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Photographer was late for my session. I felt like she rushed me thru the sitting, talked to me as if I was a child. She rushed me thru the selection and ordering process. Photo choices were minimal & not the best quality. My debit card was processed twice before I was rushed out the door. So far, I am unable to get a refund issued from the company for the second charge. They claim to have refunded my card, but the money has not reappeared in my bank account. No one has taken my card information, so I'm not sure how they refunded any... Read more

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This is by far the worst photography company I have ever dealt with, I have a first grader who had her pictures done twice this year by them and twice last year. The photos I received at the beginning of the year and at spring time were horrendous! I send my child in a nice outfit and her hair done the way I want it and she always brings her photos home with her outfit whacky or her hair not done the way I sent it that morning. She always comes home from picture day in tears because they make her stand a way she is not comfortable with, this... Read more

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Picture came with an obvious defect. I asked for a replacement and provided all the pertinent info they need to reprint but still asked over and over for the same information. Terrible product with terrible service! Add comment

I thought it was a beautiful picture when my teacher was sliding it over to me... THEN I LOOK AT IT MORE CLOSELY!! My eyes were half shut!! They didn't notice!? What the heck!! I look high!! They mess up on my photos ALL THE TIME!! I wish schools would use a different company!! >:( I don't get it! It's like HEY HER EYES ARE SHUT!! Go on next person!! Ya okay!! My my pictures always!! I love getting my photos taken but SERIOUSLY?!?! Life touch is awful!! It ruins all my school photos and I know for a FACT it's not me! And guess what?! THE... Read more

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Life touch came to our church to take pictures for a directory. The experience before and during that process was great. When it came time to purchasing images it seem to me that that was going well as fine also. I was not offered a receipt just a bottom line total and I handed her my credit card. Huge mistake! I got to thinking about how much I have paid and it didn't sound right so I got on the phone and asked why I was not given a receipt and could I get one. This is bad business practice. They told me sure I could get one, so they... Read more

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Both kids come home with a little slip of paper. Nothing on it about photo packages or HOW MUCH IT WOULD COST... but it did say words to the effect of "Don't send any money today. We'll send you your package and you can pay for what you want and send the rest back to the school." In other words, a new scam to sucker-punch parents and extort money. I wrote on the pose sheet "Do NOT make any picture packages of my child. Any photos sent home with my kid will be considered a GIFT!" They sent us a package and demand money anyway! Read more

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Disgusted with photos. Same exact pose 2 years in a row. The photographer does not even ask the child to smile. There is no variety and it is a standing shot. I look forward to seeing my daughter's pictures but have been disappointed both years. Add comment

We are very disappointed to find that my daughter's photos has now for the second time around came back and is very unsatisfactory. Both times her eyes were closed!!!! No attention to detail. Wr spend allot of time and effort into perfectly picking out an outfit. My daughter was so excited for this photos as she practiced sitting in the chosen position and wearing her new dress. Add comment

I'm not pleased to say that my photos got deleted from the life touch camera. So one day I got spring pictures and three weeks later everyone got their pictures but I didn't. So I waited week after week. Then I called and the phone wasn't working. Add comment

My son had his school pics taken by this company.. Fees were about four times the normal rate.. There was no concern to my sons appearance. Stance, turned up collar, hair etc... I ordered an 8x10 online and was later told I could get a low resolution digital copy for free.. The only thing is that all the information needed was on the envelope that had to be returned to school. After a few emails and the same old questions they were still not able to provide me with a digital copy.. Being fed up I asked for a refund.. They stated they didn't... Read more

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