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Ever since my son's school switched to Lifetouch, we have yet to get a decent school picture. It appears they take one picture regardless of subject and go with it.

How does this even make it through proofing. My son's teacher took a picture with her cell phone right before the "photographer" that was much better. On top of that their prices are outrageous. I understand they have a lot of students to take pictures of, but they are using digital cameras.

How long would it really take to get one more pic? No respectable photographer would dare print a picture like this.

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Most Lifetouch territories are now using a grading system. For example the territory I work for just went under new management.

Every photographer must review their images and grade them. Then a operations manager grades the images. And finally the company manager grades them. If so much as one image is below a "B" the photographer is pulled in the office and that image is discussed and the photographer is given instructions on how to improve and given more training.

If the problem continues the photographer is let go. Before our new management system our photographers we're miserable. We were required to travel all over the state at our own expense. Which made it difficult to make ends meet.

When your photographers aren't happy it's hard to get good images. Now our photographers do not pay for a single thing out of pocket. Which makes things alot better. Our territory went from a 80% rating to 95%.

Also it does help when schools cooperate. There have been many times they want 1000 students Photographed in 2-3 hours. There are times when schools get mad if we spend too long on a child. And it does make it difficult when a teacher stands behind a photographer consistently saying things to a student.

Most students are already nervous enough about having their picture taken and alot of times having a teacher there saying things such as " your mom isn't going to like your smile" "do you really think your mom is gonna go for that?" "Why are you making a face like that?" "I guess that will be ok. If mom doesn't like it, you can always do a retake or not buy it".

So it's not always a photographers fault.

Granted not all are great and some dint care at all. But there are ones of us that do care and do what we can to make sure each child gets the best picture as possible.


Did your son get into your *** stash again?

Ardmore, Oklahoma, United States #904353

Wow they need to slow down and stop trying to take mug shot quality photos. They could at least make sure their eyes are open and smiling.

I would be upset too!

My son's day care has lifetouch take their pictures and I always buy some because whoever takes them does a good job. Perhaps that photographer didn't care enough about what they were doing and you should complain directly to the company!!


Be sure to let your school know about your poor experience with Lifetouch.

While you're at it, mention that Lifetouch uses organizations to weasel its way into getting picture day contracts. Mention that it's troubling when organizations fall for this kind of manipulation.

For example, this year the executive director of The School Superintendents Association (AASA) has committed to being part of the mission charity {to hide profits} Lifetouch has going on.

Last year it was the president of the National PTA. Express that it presents an unfair bias when organizations fall for Lifetouch because it is in a sense working for Lifetouch.


Agreed. Lifetouch needs to pay more, and hire better people.

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