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I ordered their "premium retouching" for my teenager who had some minor acne. My portrait package (expensive!) came back with her teeth whitened and her gums whitened as well!

Her gums are as white as her teeth in her pictures now. I emailed the company in their "contact us" form and described my complaint and never heard a word from them (last year)! You can't find a phone number anywhere to call them to complain. Yet they guarantee your satisfaction?

They pretty much don't even have any customer service. They ruined my daughters 8th grade portraits and I have no recourse. This should be illegal.

Our schools here use them, I want those portraits they take, but I don't want them ruined by the very company. Now, I'm wanting to order my other daughter's prom pictures but I'm afraid to use the retouching service, and their basic retouching basically doesn't do anything.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Life Touch is horrible.

Have had horrible time trying to get my son’s 8th grade pictures.

Never received them @ all. Complained to school representative.

Gave me Lifetouch’s number.

Lifetouch has lied to me, hung up on me & gave me just a bunch of random pictures.

Cannot believe the service or lack thereof.

The amount of money our schools give them, ya think it would returned in great customer service. All I’m looking for is the product I ordered.


My son had silver / baby blue hair when his picture was taken. They took the liberty of retouching it brown!!!! I am not happy.

Eugene, Oregon, United States #743345

Yeah, I paid for premium retouching for minor acne and they whitened his already normally white teeth to the point where he's unrecognizable!It looks like he has a mouthful of chicklets and his skin is made of plastic! HORRIBLE!!!

Never will I pay for retouching again. Teenagers have acne.

They're still beautiful. Just get the regular picture of them looking the way you've always loved them.

Walnut Creek, California, United States #738053

We too paid for the premium touch-up. Horrible!!!

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