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Where's the logic in this?! What a bunch of crooks!! How can this company be allowed to enter our schools when they employ such deceptive advertising? If you have a graduating student in your household, prepared to be scammed. You will be told to pay a $30-50 sitting fee for a photo proof package of your choice. I chose the cheapest at $30 'cause all I'm interested in is the average photo package I've been getting every year since Kindergarten to Grade 11, known as 'Package B'. So what happened? I went online to discover I'm now paying 5 times the amount I did last year for the EXACT SAME basic photo package. Why is something worth $35 now costing me $171 ($141 plus non-refundable $30)?! Are these photos trimmed in gold? NO. They are EXACTLY THE SAME as all the other regular photos I've been getting from Lifetouch every year: 1 8x10, a couple 5x7s & 4x6s and wallet shots. THAT'S IT. THAT'S ALL. So why is this costing me $141?

BUYER BEWARE!! THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE SCAM. I'm so upset I was conned this way that I'm thinking about notifying my credit card company to reverse the $30 charge and seek out another photographer. OUR SCHOOL WILL BE HEARING ABOUT THIS TOO. If this has happened to you, I encourage you to put in complaints as well. LET'S GET THIS SCAM COMPANY BANNED FROM OUR SCHOOLS ONCE AND FOR ALL.

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Monetary Loss: $30.

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Hayward, California, United States #628481

The reason why the pictures are so much more is because there is more overhead running the studio with special backgrounds, training the employees to photograph in a different way than the usual one-two picture cattle call that is the usual in-school shoot and because they invest so much more time with each student during their senior photography shoot.

Don't get me wrong - there is NO love lost from me on the POS company but you have to have realistic expectations. Don't want to buy the more expensive pictures?

Then don't buy them. Go take your pictures at Sears... but the quality is NOT going to be there as it is with Prestige. Go to a private photographer and see how much they charge.

You are getting a deal with Prestige.

Again - YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO BUY THE PICTURES OR TAKE THEM - they have a contract with your school to do the yearbook photos and will do the yearbook photo FREE OF CHARGE! Another deal!

The only way that the studio makes money is of the quality of their pictures convince you to buy them - they get NO money from the school to show up there! They actually donate to each of the schools!

to former employee #641240

The senior year is meant to be something special and there is extra care involved with this division of photography. I would suggest you find a private photographer who has a bit more training than the casual employee and who can spend the entire day with your child getting to know them and working with them in an enviroment more comfortable than a studio.


We're sorry to hear you are disappointed with your Grad experience. Please call us at 1-888-676-1647 or 1-204-977-3412 to discuss further.

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