So I am extremely photogenic and pretty in real life and all my school pictures have been amazing until this year when we switched to Lifetouch.

First of all, I did my signature pose and smile but she told me to not do that in this really rude way, "Sweetie, this isn't a modeling shoot" oh excuse me, sorry for trying to look like a relatively decent person.

She corrected me into this horrible pose that does not work out for my body angle or type and it looks like I'm slouching.

Then she had the nerve to move my face into my most unflattering angle and I knew what she was doing. She did that on purpose.

Additionally, she wouldn't even let me see my photo! That is completely insane! I didn't work my butt off for six hours just so that I can't even see the photo I BOUGHT.

I am so done with this company. Bad customer service. Bad photography. And photographers who make you look your ugliness on purpose ("neck down more...smile less. Turn over here. Smile really really wide!)

So unprofessional and they don't know what they are doing. If this company comes back to school next year, I'm just going to pay a hundred bucks more and get my photo taken by some true professionals I know and will help me look my best unlike these people who are just running a scam.

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I have been dealing with this company for about 10 years now, 4 kids, and yes they have been awful 95% of the time.It's funny because this review is exactly how my daughter explained her most recent experience.

They made her slouch, move her arm, they moved her hair. My daughter is in sixth grade now but her kindergarten pictures were so bad they actually somehow made her look down syndrome. I cried for about 3 days! She was sick for retake day so I never got new pictures and had to fight with the person at the school to remove it from the yearbook.

This year they didn't even capture my son smiling or looking at the camera. I only get them because I'm a single mother in full time nursing school and have little time to take them anywhere. Now I've got to go through ANOTHER picture day if I want retakes. I'm not a complainer....

I don't send things back... in fact I can find a hair on my plate of food and if my waitress is busy I'll just remove it and finish. Sadly I'm sending 3 of the 4 packages back this year and that's only cause I've yet to receive the 4th yet.

Really getting tired of this :( ....they have to be the worst photographers ever.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1233348

sorry about your bad experience, i was just curious what school you went to ?


Oh dear!You got "Lifetouched"!

D: yes and it ain't pretty! Lifetouch has very strict posing guides, so even if you, the customer , loves your photo if its not in accordance with what Lifetouch wants "it's a crappy photo" and photographers get in trouble for taking it.

Terrible terrible company with a bunch of old bitter women unable to work under pressure...Yep and that's just management.The photographers are barely out of diapers and subject to micro management.

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